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Botswana Moremi Game Reserve

What makes a luxury safari in the Moremi Game reserve Botswana safaris in general so unique and unforgettable?
The reserve enjoys a wide diversity of habitat and is well known for the height of the trees in the mopane tongue, which covers the central area. However, the mainland part forms only about thirty percent of the reserve and is, in many ways untypical - the remaining area being part of the Okavango Delta.

Birdlife is prolific and varied, ranging from water birds to shy forest dwellers. Elephants are numerous, particularly during the dry season, as well as a range of other wildlife species from buffalo, giraffe, lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog, hyaena, jackal and the full range of antelope, large and small, including the red lechwe. Rhino, both black and white, were here in the past, but most of the few remaining have been sought out for translocation to the protection of a sanctuary, away from the attentions of illegal hunters

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The idea to create the Moremi Wildlife Reserve happened in 1961 and was approved by the Batawana at a kgotla (mainly the culture of the Batswana that has dominated that of other minority groups) in 1963.

An additional extension was added in 1992 and the reserve now contains within its boundaries approximately twenty percent of the Okavango Delta.

Moving away from the water's edge, the Reserve is scattered with numerous clay pans.

These pans fill with rain and attract large herds of buffalo who seem to prefer drinking from the pans rather than the river.
They also like the sparse but sweet grasses found here, as opposed to the long but courser fodder of the floodplains.

As the mopane bush gives way to floodplains and riverine forests, other animals become abundantly visible and the whole spectrum of Africa`s game can be seen.

Today, Moremi rates as one of the leading wildlife areas of the world. The mosaic of grasslands, floodplains, palm-tree islets, forests, lily lagoons and winding water channels combine to form a perfectly constructed puzzle, in which animals wander as they please.

Moremi Game Reserve has no perimeter fences or man made boundaries which interfere with the free movement of the wildlife in the area.

This is a true wilderness area and is kept pristine.

There is no other true wildlife sanctuary as beautiful diverse and pristine as Moremi.
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